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Do you want to elevate your career or climb the corporate ladder or live your purpose in life? Is there any goal you would like to achieve that has been set aside for so long? You can fast track your success as I offer a helping hand to achieve the goals you want for your career and your life.

Imagine waking up with a clear mind, positive attitude and enthusiastic to begin your day and work with optimal energy and motivation in a working environment you consider as your second home. Visualize living the DREAM LIFE you have always wanted. Stop wasting days, weeks, years of remaining in a cycle where you are not happy or living without any purpose.

I'm Mel, and for more than ten years, I've helped more than a hundred Career Professionals perform at their best, in whatever stage in their career, nationalities, skill sets and levels. They love what they do, and they feel rewarded and recognized.

They have achieved their goals, improved their previous job performance, resolved career & project management problems, got promotions, improved their relationships and gained remarkable feedback from their superiors.

Whether you are Junior or Senior Professional, we can Transform Your Life and Career, faster than ever. Junior & Senior Project Managers, CEOs & Leaders have worked with me to resolve their people, project issues and conduct their planning or achieve their breakthroughs. They have gained clarity, confidence, motivation and serenity.

More than half of our lifetime is spent working for our loved ones. Isn't it wise to plan your life and career, and enjoy a decade or more with a job that you want so that you wake up each morning eager to work, inspired and happy to work with anyone with ease and flow?

Have a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life so you will feel accomplished and successful with a supportive boss, in an inclusive work environment, receive recognition and enjoy the dream life that you deserve.



Transform Your Life Coaching Program

You can avail the Transformation Coaching Program to uncover and resolve issues to empower you, have your dream goal, get your dream job, have the income or love that you desire, end your anxiety once and for all. Create the life you want so you can enjoy the job that you will do and live the life that you've always dreamed of. Our dear clients have experienced massive transformation.

Project Management Accelerator Program

Join our Unique Signature Project Management Program that provides an integration of concepts and applications with real case scenarios and hands-on exercises. Confidence Building, Communication and Managing Teams are taught so you can manage projects with ease and confidence. The tips and techniques are proven to be effective as these were used from $100 - $2M projects.

Transformational Leadership Training Program

Take our Transformational Leadership Program that provides a different perspective in leading teams. It revolutionizes the concept of Leadership, backed by more than 15 years of leading teams from different countries, levels and profession. The principles taught are profound and the execution is practical with proven effective massive transformation that is manifested to the leader and teams.



Together, we will create a crystal clear vision for the kind of life you would like to have, the job, love or life you always dreamed of, your desired income and your goals that you want to achieve.


During the coaching session, you will uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to find and land the job of your dreams, achieve the goals you've always wanted or be at your best in your current job.


After the Coaching Session, you will have the strategy for a better life or career, leave the session renewed, energized and inspired to have the life you always imagined. So you can enjoy the job that you are doing or have the life or career you always dreamed of.


Schedule your Transform Your Life Coaching Session Now. If you never take a risk, your success is unlikely to happen. I had fears. Everyone has. Look around. The successful people you know have fears. But they JUMPED anyway. Don't overthink. Don't over analyze.
Avail Your Transform Your Life Coaching Session and have the help you longed for. It is time for you to shine and use your God given talent and potentials. Be recognized and Be rewarded.

Schedule your Transform Your Life Coaching Session Now.

A little Story

During my career in corporate world, I was given opportunities to work with different professionals from several countries.  It has opened my eyes to different values and attitude that people have.  This helped me to understand better the differences of each individual and how to bring them to work for a common goal.  I want to help you achieve similar success and be able to achieve your dream goals – both in your career and personal life. 

What They Say

Reach out to us for your Transform Your Life Coaching Session.

As Seen On


JL, Senior Project Manager

project templates and tracking tools for both progress and to-date. She has pragmatic approach to project management as well as flexible to the project team and needs.”

Kaye N., Business Analyst

“ Mel helped me discover my career aspirations as to what I would like to be 2 to 5 years from now. I was able to obtain clarity and career advice on my career goals and what path I would like to take. I was able to realize what i should do in the challenges I am facing at work. I'm really looking forward to the next coaching session.”

Kim R., Project Coordinator

” The materials presented in the training are definitely a big help for me as an inspiring Project Manager.  Topics are well prepared. I didn’t have a hard time to understand project management during the session and there are appropriate examples.”

Marco A., Analyst

“During the coaching session, Mel was able to obtain my career background and aspirations. Our coaching session helped me understand how to reach my immediate goal. She helped me understand and manage my current projects. I was able to plan my career thoroughly and effectively. ”

About Mel

Mel Baguio is a Certified Auditor, Project Management Professional, Certified Management Consultant and Career & Transformational Life Coach.  She worked with top of the line companies, in terms of Project Management, Audit and Advisory.  She provides  consulting, training, and coaching services to Junior & Senior Professionals and Leaders of organizations. 

Mel is an author, writer and international Speaker and has helped Professionals in their work performance, project delivery, and conquering their personal and career challenges. She provided sound recommendations that led to timely risk management, issue resolution, improved performance, prevented attrition and increased efficiency. 

She helps in turning critical projects into manageable projects, optimizing project management frameworks and delivery, and has audited IT projects and non-IT projects.  Her contributions include building High-Performance Teams, rescuing critical projects, dissolving conflicts, turning angry customers into allies and career acceleration.  Her clients leave their sessions engaged, enlightened and motivated to achieve their goals.

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