so you won't be clueless but be a Confident Competent Project Manager

That will give you peace of mind and smooth project execution.

Dear Fellow Professionals,

If you want to manage projects successfully …

If you have problems in your projects, or

If you are given a new project and don’t know what to do…

Then this Project Management EBook will help you…

Achieve Success in Project Management, Effective Guidelines and Tools for Project Success

It’s a compilation of years of experience in managing projects, to help Professionals like you who wants to learn Project Management OR who wants to know what to do when faced with challenges in projects…

With the following contents:

✅ Basic Terminologies and Concepts

✅ Knowledge Management Areas

✅ Project Management Process

✅ Project Constraints

✅ Essential Qualities of a Project Manager.

✅ Factors that contribute to Successful Project Management.

✅ Most Important Aspect in Project Management.

✅ Formulating Communication Strategy.

✅ Dealing with Stakeholders.

✅ Disputes and Conflict Management.

✅ Project Reporting and Team Performance.

✅ Resource Allocation.

✅ Change/Issue/Risk Management.

✅ Internal and External Project Management.

✅ Implementation of Global Projects.

✅ Implementation of Internal Solutions.

✅ Effective Project Management Templates.

 I understand the challenges in managing projects.

Professionals like to know what is a good way to manage projects.

There are so many processes and information out there.

But there’s no concise and explained concepts…

That can help understand the theories better.

In a more practical way, with effective guidelines…

That can really help in actual project execution.

I’ve mentored Junior and Senior Project Managers,

What I found out often lack is a dependable system to manage projects, teams and customers.

I have a simple system, my own formula on how to manage projects. 

That makes me close projects easily…

You can see the testimonials of some leaders below:

"I have worked with Mel in the same group for the design, test and the transition of offices' current IT infrastructure. Mel is actually a hard worker, very results-oriented person, good communicator, supportive and team player. Those qualities allowed her to meet the project deadlines."
Jean Zida
Regional IT Services Manager, EMEA
"Mel led the implementation of a Global project(over 18 countries in Asia) and had staff report to her from across Asia countries. She was a pleasure to work with and help solve all the challenges and issues we faced. I quickly established a strong trust relationship with her. I cannot commend Mel highly enough – she is dedicated, diligent, methodical and she will quickly gain the trust and respect of the team members in any organisation".
Francisco Avila

Global Project Consultant, Americas

But the most fulfilling part really is helping them have peace of mind, resolve conflicts, solve problems, close customer escalations and sleep peacefully with more time for their personal lives.

And for the first time ever…

I’m offering my compiled guidelines & checklists in my newly released digital Ebook…

Achieve Success in Project Management


This book is 200-page Ebook filled with SENSIBLE INFORMATION …

That will help you prevent mistakes, because I already made it simple for you.

It is for someone who wants to know Project Management DEEPER…

Understand what’s the importance of the concept and Checklists on how to make it successful.

These guidelines, checklists and templates work for everyone.

Even if you’re not experienced OR with less experience.

Even if you’ve been managing projects for 10 years.

Or leading a group of project managers or programmes.

This is the same book I use to mentor Senior Project Managers when they need to plan on SPECIAL PROJECTS.

PROJECTS that gave them sleepless nights because they do not know where to begin.

After coaching and mentoring them, they are relieved and know exactly what to do.

Not only that,

They become confident project managers after our mentoring session.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

✅ Project Management Terminologies, Significance with Real project examples.

✅ Project Management Knowledge Areas – Dive into why these are important with Real Project examples. Starts on Page 22

✅ Project Management Process Groups (From Conception to Closure) with Real Project Scenarios for deeper understanding

✅ The one important thing to keep in mind in managing projects. Pay close attention because even VETERAN project managers do this all the time! Starts on page 56.

✅ Why a project team member cannot contribute to the team. On page 8.

✅ The ultimate checklist you need to observe from start to finish! Starts on page 60.

✅ How to have an approved baselined project plan that is reliable and fact-based. See page 11.

✅ Want to become a Professional GO-TO Project Manager? See Page 63.

✅ The discovery I learned that made me see what projects are likely to fail and what to do about it. Starts on Page 76.

✅ The SECRET to be nail Project Management even if there are challenges. Starts on 92.

✅ Manage projects successfully using these 15 Guidelines. Page 94.

✅ DISCOVER the Most Important Aspect in Project Management. Starts on Page 96.

✅ My little “management” hack in dealing with changes. Starts on Page 122.

✅ Guidelines in Implementing Off-the-Shelf Systems On page 147.

✅ Actual Procedure in Implementing Systems to External Customer On page 150.

✅ How to implement a Global Solutions Project. Page 157.

✅ Techniques in Implementing an Internal Solutions Project. On page 167.

But that’s not all…

Because I have included:

The exact Project Management Templates I’ve used…

To manage projects from $100 to $5M projects.

And these are the very same templates I give to the Project Managers I coach.

These are what you will see:

✅ Document Monitoring Sheet so you will never forget any deliverable.

✅ Stakeholder Analysis to handle every person involved in your project.

✅ How to manage risks using Risk Analysis/Register.

✅ Issue Log so you will always run your projects on time.

✅ Communication Matrix to keep everyone motivated and updated.

✅ Plan your resources using Resource Assignment Matrix.

✅ Mark the skills and tasks using Roles and Responsibilities.

✅ Prevent Rework using Quality Measurement .

✅ Track your progress with Deliverable Milestone Tracking.

✅ Change Control Log for effective change management.

✅ Contact Information Log for emergency and project references.

✅ Scope Statement to manage project boundaries and scope.

✅ Communication Management Plan for proactive project management.

I will also reveal a couple of other steps that are needed:

✅ Project Planning. Starts on page 43.

✅ How to close a project. Page 52

✅ Tips in handling Customers, Project Teams and other Stakeholders. Page 102.

✅ Resolving Disputes and conflicts starts on page 107

✅ Reporting project updates and issues. Starts on page 113.

✅ Dealing with Changes – read on page 122.

But wait… 

There’s more…

You’ll be able to resolve Project Issues using the steps in 128.

Here’s what to do next

The value of this eBook is PRICELESS.  (You might have noticed all the TIPS & Guidelines)

For only Php 350, you are armed with all the TIPS, Guidelines and STEPS to SUCCESS.

After you place your order, you will receive an email with a receipt, and a link to download the Ebook.

For a book that can guide you

You can have a book that will change your life as a Project Manager, Project Lead or Leader.

Have the confidence to plan and implement projects.

Be able to have a restful sleep, and more time for your self, goals and  your family.

If you’re wondering why this is so affordable…

There’s no catch

Yes, I really am giving what I discovered, my checklists and guidelines away for just Php 350

All you have to do is click the button below. 

You’ll get an email that confirms your enrollment and get access the eBook almost immediately. 

I strongly recommend this book for anybody in the project management. 

The sooner you read, the better. 

So don’t waste time and get your copy because…

It will be available until August 20.

So click the button below, download the ebook…

This will be a great investment for your life and career.

Warm Blessings,


P.S. Remember, you can also use the TEMPLATES for your projects.

Click the button below to download the Ebook, read and implement.  See the Results.

MelBaguio is a Certified Project Management Professional, Auditor, Consultant and Coach.  She is an author and international speaker and has worked with top of the line companies, in terms of Project Management, Audit, Advisory and Risk Management.  She provides  consulting, training, and coaching services to  Professionals and Leaders of organizations. Her goal is to help professionals strengthen their capabilities through training, consulting and coaching.

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