Yes, Mel! I'm ready to Quickly
Apply Powerful Leadership
Techniques at Work Easily!

I understand that the Powerful Influential Leader Training will help me become a Confident & In Demand Leader who will lead teams effectively and create a better lifestyle for myself and my family.

Here's what you will get:

  • I realize you will give me the step-by-step instructions that’ll help me create an effective plan easily. This will allow me to guide the team so they’ll, in turn, have confidence in me that I’ll help them do their roles (and free up my time!)
  • I want to discover how to be a Confident & In Demand Leader that’ll allow me to overcome fears, face challenges and lead the team with ease. I realize that this will help me turn struggles into success without feeling bossy, pushy, or shouting in any way. And I will feel confident to be promoted or get a leadership role for a better lifestyle for me and my family.
  • I want to know how to plan for any possible problems using risk management. I will use the tools and techniques to help me identify, plan and monitor these risks easily. 
  • I will discover how to build a High-performance and supportive team.  This will allow me to lead a group of people with different personalities, cultures and background, give trust to them that they are doing their part and provide excellent work even if you are not around.
  • I’m ready to get the fastest, and easiest strategies to get my team to work with me harmoniously, and to resolve conflicts that may arise.
    I realize that I don’t have to force or threaten them.  I just need the desire to serve, and use the powerful strategies I’ll discover during this training.
  • I am ready and excited to register for this LIVE training event where I’ll walk away knowing how to be calm and confident to lead others and stand out from the rest so I can be a Powerful Influential Leader, get the promotion and have a better lifestyle! 


JL, Senior Project Manager

project templates and tracking tools for both progress and to-date. She has pragmatic approach to project management as well as flexible to the project team and needs.”

Dennis A., Team Lead

“ Being assigned to a new product to implement was not easy. Upon her suggestion, I was able to take up on the responsibility and I cancelled my resignation. I was able to learn a new tool and look forward to joining the management in the future.”

Kim R., Project Coordinator

” The materials presented in the training are definitely a big help for me as an inspiring Project Manager.  Topics are well prepared. I didn’t have a hard time to understand project management during the session and there are appropriate examples.”

Tessa, Developer

“I had a challenge in working with a counterpart from another country. By following Mel’s advice, we were able to have a smooth working relationship and delivered quality output on time.. ”





April 29-30, 2023 From 2PM-6PM

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