When: November 5-6

        During this webinar series, you will:

  • Discover how to ensure the project completes on time, within schedule
  • Know what are the factors to have a successful project
  • Take the Self-assessment to find out if you are prepared to be a Project Manager
  • Find out #1 Master Key to a successful project
  • Uncover any trauma or block that is keeping you from success in career
  • How to be a Project Manager
  • Discover what’s holding you back from getting all of the success in your career.

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    About Mel

    Mel Baguio is a Certified Auditor, Project Management Professional, Management Consultant and Coach.  She worked with top of the line companies, in terms of Project Management, Audit, Advisory and Risk Management.  She provides  consulting, training, and coaching services to  Professionals and Leaders of organizations. 

    Mel is an author, writer and international Speaker and has helped Professionals in project delivery, optimizing Project Management Frameworks and conquering their personal and career challenges. She provided sound recommendations that led to timely risk management, issue resolution, improved performance and increased efficiency. 

    She aims to help professionals and organizations in their project management frameworks and delivery using her years of global industry experience.  She has broad project management experience in various industries and has audited IT projects and non-IT projects including Application Projects, Solutions Implementation, Construction Projects, Partnerships, Cash Transfer Programme and Systems Implementation.  Her clients and audience (talk/webinars) leave their sessions engaged, enlightened and motivated to achieve their goals.

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