Managing Projects and Teams are crucial in one's business and organization.  Leading projects and teams can be a breeze.  I'd like to share with you the exact steps that I use in managing projects.  These are the same techniques I use to turn a Red Project into Green, resulting to successful projects, happy customers and high-performance teams.  I've used this for more than 10 years, in different industries and project scale.  - MelBaguio, Certified Consultant, PMP, and Certified Coach.


Discover the Effective Techniques to help you strategize in managing projects, people and clients. These are the techniques that I use to deliver projects on time, rescue critical projects, turn RED projects into green, manage demotivated teams and angry customers.

You can use these to have Successful Projects to save More Time, have restful sleep, have Happy Clients, build Cooperative Team Members and Manage Projects with Ease & Confidence.

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    “Mel is an expert in what she does – project management, project mentor, and coach. Her e-learning website has helped me in my projects, and her mentorship has made the difference in understanding the intricacies of every project by helping set the right goals and expectations. Kudos, Mel, and keep doing what you do best!”

    Archie Yamane
    Project Management/Service Delivery Asia Pacific

    “I have worked with Mel in the same group for the design, test and the transition of offices’ current IT infrastructure. Mel is actually a hard worker, very results-oriented person, good communicator, supportive and team player. Those qualities allowed her to meet the project deadlines.”

    Jean Zida
    Regional IT Services Manager, EMEA

    “Mel led the implementation of a Global project(over 18 countries in Asia) and had staff report to her from across Asia countries. She was a pleasure to work with and help solve all the challenges and issues we faced. I quickly established a strong trust relationship with her. I cannot commend Mel highly enough – she is dedicated, diligent, methodical and she will quickly gain the trust and respect of the team members in any organisation.”

    Francisco Avila
    Global Project Consultant, Americas

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