Ready for SUCCESS?

Stop Anxiety, Get Promoted, Be Confident, Bounce Back


Are you having sleepless nights? Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling tired in the morning? Do you have panic attacks? Are there endless cycle of thoughts running in your mind? Is your health suffering? It's time to End your Anxiety Now.

Get Promoted

Imagine being able to land a managerial job. Where you will be respected and heard, with high-compensation. Live a comfortable life with your loved ones, and save for your future. Get the dream job that you want, faster than ever.

Be Confident & Bounce Back

Do you experience lack of self-esteem or self-confidence? Did you experience recent setback because of a painful event? Do you want to gain confidence, motivation and vibrance again? Don't wait. Act now & Bounce Back Gracefully with Ease & flow.

Are your ready to experience the transformation that you want in your life?

Our TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Coaching Program will provide you the means to have the dream life you are aiming for.

Imagine waking up with excitement because you have your dream job, dream house, dream love with serenity.

One of the questions I receive is, Am I going to really experience transformation?

Yes, because I have a system that is proven to work with my clients.  Their lives have been completely transformed in a matter of weeks.


The initial coaching you will have is a breakthrough session where we will create a crystal clear vision for the kind of life you would like to have, the job, love or life you always dreamed of, your desired income and your goals that you want to achieve.

You will uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to find and land the job of your dreams, achieve the goals you’ve always wanted or be at your best in your current life, relationship and career.

After the Coaching Session, you will know your next steps for a better life, relationship or
career.  Leave the session renewed, energized and motivated to have the life you always imagined. So you can enjoy the job that you are doing or have the life or business you always dreamed of.

you feel that nothing is happening in your life, or you are constantly worrying and never feel confident or happy, it is time for a change!

will understand why you are having problems, anxiety and struggles.  You will learn how the navigate through life and have serenity and inner peace.

I will lead you through the coaching session and you will feel refreshed with inner peace!

Here’s a Rare Opportunity For You

To Quickly and Easily Transform Your Life!

 What most people do when they struggle with Anxiety, Career Problems, Poor motivation, Failed Relationships and Lack of Confidence  is SPENDING SO MUCH TIME FINDING THE EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to quickly manage them. But for most people, none of that works.  Instead, they waste hours, days, weeks and months, not grasping how to manage these problems and use an effective system that really works.

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE  Coaching Session is the Breakthrough Coaching you are waiting for!



Stop Anxiety, Get Promoted, Become Confident,

What They Say

Reach out to us for your Transform Your Life Coaching Session.

As Seen On


JL, Senior Project Manager

project templates and tracking tools for both progress and to-date. She has pragmatic approach to project management as well as flexible to the project team and needs.”

Kaye N., Business Analyst

“ Mel helped me discover my career aspirations as to what I would like to be 2 to 5 years from now. I was able to obtain clarity and career advice on my career goals and what path I would like to take. I was able to realize what i should do in the challenges I am facing at work. I'm really looking forward to the next coaching session.”

Kim R., Project Coordinator

” The materials presented in the training are definitely a big help for me as an inspiring Project Manager.  Topics are well prepared. I didn’t have a hard time to understand project management during the session and there are appropriate examples.”

Marco A., Analyst

“During the coaching session, Mel was able to obtain my career background and aspirations. Our coaching session helped me understand how to reach my immediate goal. She helped me understand and manage my current projects. I was able to plan my career thoroughly and effectively. ”

About Mel

Mel Baguio is a Certified Auditor, Project Management Professional, Certified Management Consultant and Career & Transformational Life Coach.  She worked with top of the line companies, in terms of Project Management, Audit and Advisory.  She provides  consulting, training, and coaching services to Junior & Senior Professionals and Leaders of organizations. 

Mel is an author, writer and international Speaker and has helped Professionals in their work performance, project delivery, and conquering their personal and career challenges. She provided sound recommendations that led to timely risk management, issue resolution, improved performance, prevented attrition and increased efficiency. 

She helps in turning critical projects into manageable projects, optimizing project management frameworks and delivery, and has audited IT projects and non-IT projects.  Her contributions include building High-Performance Teams, rescuing critical projects, dissolving conflicts, turning angry customers into allies and career acceleration.  Her clients leave their sessions engaged, enlightened and motivated to achieve their goals.

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