Be a Competent & Confident Project Manager

Are you having problems in your projects?
Do you want to manage projects successfully?
Are you aiming for Project Lead or Project Manager Role?

"This is the Project Management Training
that will successfully help you become
A Competent and Confident Project Manager."

And the Best Part is It’s NOT Dependent on Education or Your Background So You Can Create Your Future Career Destiny Regardless of What Happens in Your Work

Be one of those few who know how to manage projects with the right knowledge, tools and hands-on experience.

Get promoted with your dream job for a better life for you and your loved ones.

Be able to meet the Deadline.
Motivate your Team.
Increase your Confidence!

If you know how to manage projects successfully, you can have less project issues, less stress and have more time for yourself.

If You want these...

Then, Join Us!


Experience A1 Project Management Transformation Training
with Real Work Life Examples
PLUS Actual Hands-on Exercises!

If you’d like to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow you to manage projects with ease, smoothly…even if you’re busy, introverted, or currently feels you lack confidence, or if you are already leading projects but need to know how to make it successful...

Project Management Success Training Program is for you. This program is filled with information, examples and exercises along with training on building confidence and managing teams. This will EMPOWER you to be a good project manager.

My name is Mel, and I’ve helped different Project Managers in their projects through risk management, strategy and issue resolution.  I’ve helped them gain clarity and confidence to make simple shifts that made a difference in their projects, feeling motivated and relieved, thus obtaining more time for other tasks and personal rest.

They come from various backgrounds and industries, both Senior and Junior, including leaders of organizations. They consult me when the projects are on crisis – ask me about what were the actions I have done OR what can be done to make the projects become green (manageable). I have also created Project Management Frameworks, tools and templates to International Organizations.

When the client experiences deadlock in their projects, they reach out to me for help. They came to me because they want to bring the project to a better state, manage the customer, formulate and execute the strategy.

My pict

Mel has firsthand experience on managing end-to-end projects, audited IT and Non-IT Projects and mentored fellow Project Managers and Professionals. Her experience has given her opportunities to work with respectable international professionals of different ranks and nationalities.  By Participating in audit reviews and advisory roles, she was able to provide sound recommendations and formulated Project Management Frameworks that international organizations followed for improved performance and increased efficiency.

According to Project Management Institute (PMI)

"Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027"

There will be a shortage of Project Managers because not everyone is qualified to do the job.

You can benefit from this.

Know what it takes to be a Project Manager

Be Transformed after this Training!



Project Management Success Training Program is available online.

You will have an understanding of the Key Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Guidelines in Project Management. The concepts will be explained, along with examples and the significance of these concepts in Project Management.

You will see Simplified Tools that are proven to be effective in Project Management so that you can immediately use these in your Project Management.

Project Management Success (PM Success) Program:

Week 1

Project Management Terminologies
Project Constraints
Project Tools & Methodologies
Project Success & Failure
Hands-on Exercises

Week 2

Project Lifecycle, Product Life Cycle
Process Management Groups (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling, Closure)
Risk & Issue Management
Hands-on Exercises

Significance of Knowledge Management Areas:

Integration Management
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Stakeholder Management
Risk Management
Resource Management
Communications Management
Procurement Management

Week 3

Project Management Profile
Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager
Expectations from a Project Manager
Building Self-Confidence
How to Anticipate Risks

Week 4:

Integrated Learning so you will complete this course with CONFIDENCE!

Essential Project Manager’s Skills for Success

How to Determine if a Project is successful

TOP Reasons why PROJECTS Fail

How to Formulate your own Project Charter
Draft your own Project Management Plan
Create your Communication Plan

How to manage risks

And more…


Be Confident Now Training: Experience Transformation. Be confident in life and at work.
Fostering Customer & Team Cooperation

What you will get:

Project Management Success Training - Php 15,000

Project Charter, Kickoff & Project Plan - Php 5,000

Be Confident Now Training - Php 5,000

Fostering Customer & Team Cooperation- Php 5,000

Total Value: Php 30,000++

Promo Price Until Nov. 27 is only Php 9,500

You save 70% -- HUGE SAVINGS!


Aiza, Finance Specialist

“I appreciate the walkthrough of the project management principles along with the project. That made me see how it is applied in the real setting. That time, I was really a little clueless of project management as I wasn’t exposed that much to a project.”

Kaye, Business Analyst

“I like how the topic was discussed. She discussed the project management life cycle with good examples relatable in my role, it helps me in understanding the topic more easier. I could say that I was able to get a quick knowledge about project management”

Kim, Project Coordinator

” The materials presented are definitely a big help for me as an inspiring Project Manager.  Topics are well prepared. I didn’t have a hard time to understand the during the session and there are appropriate examples.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this training for?

This is for you if you want to manage projects successfully and if you want to be a skilled Project Manager in the near future. You will learn Project Management Skills and Soft Skills to help you manage projects effectively and efficiently, become confident, know how to manage people and teams and foster cooperation and achieve your project goals.

This is not the training for you if you are an expert already in Project Management or you do not want to put work into the training and exercises. I cannot do the work for anyone to learn. Like in any form of education, watching, listening and practice is the formula for a lasting change and learning.

What makes this training different?

Project Management Success Training Program will be presented in a practical way along with examples and real scenarios from actual projects so you can leave the training transformed with the right understanding of how to manage projects, along with the proper management and management skills that will be discussed during the training. This Program combines both Technical and Soft Skills, There is no similar training out there with these combination of lessons and bonuses.

What if I am only available at night? How long is the training?

We made this an online training so you can take it at your own convenient time, at your own pace. Each week's training is likely to be finished within 3 to 4 hours. The training is for Four weeks. You have access to the online training for three months.

Are there exercises in the training so I can apply what I learned?

Of course, there are exercises you can perform so you can learn by applying the concepts.

How do I Register?

Please make a deposit of Php 9,500 to BPI Savings Account 433-933-6607. Send your name, date of payment, proof of payment/screenshot to Mel@pmprovidence.com and Pmprovidence@outlook.com. We will send acknowledgment within 24 hours. You may also pay online using ATM Debit or Credit Card using the Register Button in this Web Page. Remember to check your inbox, spam or junk folder as our email might fall in these folders.

What happens after the payment?

On November 28, you will receive the training details - access to online training, as well as the exercises. If you paid online, you will receive an email saying that your order has been received. This email may fall under Inbox, Junk or Spam folder.

Who can we talk to?

Please send an email to Mel@pmprovidence.com AND Pmprovidence@outlook.com. We will reply within 24 hours.

How long is the training?

The Training Program is four weeks. You can send a question via email, and we will meet weekly online for the answers.

What happens after the training?

You can now apply the knowledge, and I strongly believe, by that time, you have experienced a shift and transformation in your knowledge and confidence to manage projects and get a project management role.

For now, join us, and experience Project Management Success Training Program to help you manage projects successfully.

Know how to manage any project and any team well.

Attend this training and know how it is done.

From a place of Service and Empathy.

This is the only training that will develop your Technical and Soft Skills.

With the current price below, and the transformation and information you will have, this is true value, within your reach.

It is not available anywhere. Only here. Only with us. For a Limited Time.



Only Php 9,500
You SAVE Php 70% >> Huge Savings
(Promo is only UNTIL Nov. 27)

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