Project Management Success


Project Management Success Training Program

(4 Week Program with Actual Examples & Hands-on Exercises)

  • Week 1:  Key Concepts, Tools & Methodologies
  • Week 2:  Key Processes, Risk Management and Issue/Problem Resolution
  • Week 3: Building you as a Project Manager
  • Week 4: Integrated Learning – So you are now ready to be a Confident Project Manager

Project Management Success Training Program

You will have an understanding of the Key Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Guidelines in Project Management. The concepts will be explained, along with examples and the significance of these concepts in Project Management.

You will see Simplified Tools that are proven to be effective in Project Management so that you can immediately use these in your Project Management.

This training is not similar from anything out there because you will learn and speak like a Real Project Manager.  You will finish the course knowing how to write a Project Plan, Project Charter with Confidence.

Project Management Success Training Program Details:

Week 1

Project Management Terminologies
Project Constraints
Project Tools & Methodologies
Project Success & Failure
Hands-on Exercises ​

Week 2

Project Lifecycle, Product Life Cycle
Process Management Groups (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling,Closure)
Risk & Issue Management
Hands-on Exercises

Significance of Knowledge Management Areas of PMBOK:

Integration Management
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Stakeholder Management
Risk Management
Resource Management
Communications Management
Procurement Management

Week 3

Project Management Profile
Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager
Expectations from a Project Manager
Essential Project Manager’s Skills for Success
How to Formulate your own Project Charter
Draft your own Project Management Plan
Create your Communication Plan

How to manage risks

And more…

Week 4:

Integrated Learning so you will complete this course with CONFIDENCE, GLOW and FLOW!

How to Determine if a Project is successful

TOP Reasons why PROJECTS Fail


Be Confident Now Training:  Experience Transformation – Build Self-Confidence

Fostering Customer & Team Cooperation

What you will get:

Project Management Success Training                    – $200
Project Charter, Kickoff & Project Plan Creation     – $100
Self-Confidence Training                                              – $100

Managing Customer & Team                                       – $100
Total Value:                                                                       -$500
Promo Price                          $197

You save more than 60% — HUGE SAVINGS!

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